"Whenever I have spare cash I take a stroll to Chelsea Village Framers, curiosity, gift and furniture shop. No matter what my budget I always leave with something for our home that I cherish.  Regardless of what my friends tastes are I am thrilled to find an unique gift that they too love. I strongly recommend this beautiful shop as the service is off the charts." - Leigh

“A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body.”
~Vincent van Gogh~

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Much of what distinguishes brilliant interior design, lies in the finishing touches and creating the visual setting that will transform any ordinary object into a statement piece.  

Professional framing provides a flawless finish to mounted décor, while also contributing to the overall visual element within a space.

Wooden framing with a rough, textured finish contributes to creating a rustic interior setting; subtly reminiscent of life in the outdoors. Metallic or gilded frames will maximize the bold effects of artwork in true minimalist style.

Our conservation framing also ensures that your cherished family photography, certificates, tapestries and memorabilia artwork remains protected and preserved in perfect condition.

At Chelsea Village Framers we provide a unique framing service incorporating your design style, from flamboyant Victorian décor to chic contemporary interior design.

Visit our store in Diep River, Cape Town and take advantage of our professional framing services or email us with your framing enquiries and let the creative adventure begin…